The Darkness After by August Bradley:

August Bradley featuring Lucent Dossier Experience in The Darkness After

You Should Know Me By Now- OneBeat: :

Description:  Dream Rockwell recounts how her madcap vaudeville troupe Lucent Dossier Experience began and the inspiration behind the innovative stylings that lead them to where they are today.

Art of Vibe:

Lucent Dossier has made an art of playing with fire, pushing the edges of avant garde performance art, creating an alchemy of the two. A lot of magic, a little social commentary, and a lot of love. 

LIB Teaser 2016:

An exploration into the matrix of our reality. Pushing the edges of technology. A 3D experience weaving concepts of ancient technology through song, stunning aerial acts, and dance, telling a story of transmutation. 

Violin Song Coachella 2016:

This an excerpt from the 2016 Coachella Sahara Stage show “Revival". An aerial duet about the explosiveness of finding love. Just when we give up looking and surrender to our longing, it finds us. This musical masterpiece is a journey of its own.

Wonderfruit Thailand 2015:

Lucent is well known for bringing the wacky and the weird. This is a fun show and is representative of the underground culture that birthed Lucent Dossier. Finding the humor and beauty in the exploration of what lies beyond the boundaries our society creates.

When Lucent Met Herakut:

Part of Lucent's “Showacide" series,  a story of a young girl’s bad dream where she wakes up to find her very good friends (her stuffed animals) have a secret life of their own.  Part sinister comedy, a little social commentary, and a lot of wild fantasy.  This show was created with the world famous artist, Herakut, and is a long-time Lucent favorite.