This world-renowned, innovative performance collective embellishes its original and live music with technologically advanced visuals, powerful dancers, breathtaking aerial artists and stunning fire shows.

Birthed in the heart of the LA underground art and music scene in 2004, their explosive beginnings include performing, touring and sharing the stage with icons such as the Black Eyed Peas, Motley Crue, Panic! at the Disco, The Flaming Lips, David Guetta, Christina Aguilera and many more. Lucent Dossier Experience is recognized as the pioneers of an artistic revolution sweeping the globe. Their high fashion and completely innovative style of performance can be seen woven into the hip cultural landscape that is now enchanting the mainstream of America and the world.


available in twenty to ninety minute format

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Premiered & headlined at Coachella 2016 Sahara Stage.
Discover your purest consciousness in this mind bending world. 3D Live visual technology infused with futuristic performances & live music.
Appropriate for all audiences. Appropriate for festivals or theatrical settings with screen and aerial rigging capabilities. (Can also be done in 2D)

A wild and explosive water show on a 6” deep water stage.  In this shipwrecked dream land, you will experience live music, unexpected vocalists, wacky shenanigans, and fun aerial.  Be ready to get splashed!

Appropriate for outdoor settings with audiences not exceeding 3000-4000 people. Appropriate for any type of audience. Aerial is part of this show, but not required.  

A sinister show with a world of dolls washed up at sea. Unforgettable characters and a journey into a social metaphor. Live music over irresistible beats, breathtaking aerial and a lot of fire.
Appropriate for young adults. Appropriate for festival settings or theatrical settings. Aerial rigging and fire are required.
Premiered at Coachella 2014 Gobi Stage and toured for 2 years.
Be the change you wish to see in the world.
Androids delivering light. Hope, transformation, release from your cocoon. Experience live music over beats, futuristic visuals, mesmerizing aerial & specialty acts, powerful group dance numbers and a lot of vocals. Appropriate for any audience & any venue or festival.
High energy, bouncy beats, funk music, powerful vocals, sexy aerial and wild dancing!
In its purest form, this show includes a graffiti mural being executed in the background as the show unfolds, offering a truly unique visual experience.
Appropriate for young adults, music venues and festival settings. Aerial is part of this show, but is not required.
For special, private or corporate events, please visit Lucent Event Entertainment.

We offer customized packages with unique, a la carte entertainment to match your specific theme or event.










and many more…


  • Dalai Lama

  • Elon Musk

  • Guy Laliberté

  • Christina Aguilera

  • Vin Diesel

  • Calvin Klein

  • Dr. Dre

  • Kevin Lyman



“Bob Dylan disappointed but Lucent Dossier made up for it… Not even Rage Against The Machine, could come close to the collective hypnosis obtained by the group.”

“Greatest show on Earth”

“Lucent Dossier….a burst of energy and tension… risqué”


Dana Clehouse
(323) 702-3262

UTA: Michael Goldsmith
(310) 385-2800

Alexandra Greenberg
(818) 380-0400